Curacao Airport Transportation

Curacao Airport Transportation

Book your Curacao Airport Transportation in advance and save with the most honest and professional transportation company on the island of Curacao.

There are three main options when it comes to getting from Curacao Airport to your accommodations in Curacao.

Airport Taxi

Private Minibus

Rental Car

Reserve Your Airport Transportation

Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi

Private Airport taxis service is available for 1-8 passengers on a one-way or round-trip basis to/from Curacao Airport.

Passengers: 1-8

Rate: $63.50 USD

Private Minibus


Private minibus transfers are available for 1-15 passengers on a one-way or round-trip basis to/from Curacao Airport.

Passengers: 1-15

Rate: $115 USD

Airport Car Rental

Car Rental

Curacao Airport car rentals start at $36 USD per day for weekly rentals with unlimited mileage.

Pre-book your rental car and explore Curacao on your own schedule.

Private Minibus

Private Minibus

Curacao Airport transportation includes a 15-passenger private shuttle van that will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your accommodations or vice versa.

This is an excellent choice for those traveling to Curacao with friends and family or in a large group. This service is also recommended for executives who are looking for a spacious, private and hassle-free transfer.

The total cost per person can be found below and is based on your final destination or zone listed below.

Note: All private Curacao Airport transfers offer the ability to book a one-way or round-trip transfer depending on your needs. Please also note that this service is for a minimum of 2 passengers. If you are traveling alone, we recommend reserving a Curacao Airport Taxi to get you to your final destination.

Destination:Price Per Person: (O/W)
Curacao Airport to Banda Bou Hotels$115
Curacao Airport to Piscadera$65.41
Curacao Airport to Sandals Royal Curacao$102.40
Curacao Airport to Banda Ariba / Jan Thiel Hotels$94
Curacao Airport to Bapor Kibra & Central Hotels$80
Curacao Airport to Willemstad$80

Note: All rates shown above are in USD. The rates are per person and are based on a one-way trip (Min: 2 passengers – Max 15 passengers).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I get from the airport to Curacao?

The best way to get from the airport to your hotel in Curacao is to book your transportation in advance. You can choose from shared or private shuttles, taxis, or rental cars. If you’re in a large group, a private shuttle van is the easiest option. They offer a one-way trip, bottled water, a fuel surcharge, and pick you up and drop you off right at your door.

3. How much do you tip a shuttle driver in Curacao?

Tipping a shuttle driver in Curacao is not compulsory, but it is customary to show appreciation. We recommend tipping $1 USD per bag or per passenger as a token of gratitude for their service.

2. When should I book my Curacao Airport transfer?

We recommend booking your Curacao Airport transfer at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. Be sure to provide your flight details while booking. You can cancel up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival time if needed.

3. How much Curacao Airport transfer costs?

The price for a private transfer from Curacao Airport starts at $58 per passenger and may vary depending on your group size and the type of vehicle you book. Detailed prices can be found above.

4. How to get to Willemstad from airport?

Willemstad is about 9 miles away from CuraƧao International Airport (CUR). If you book a private shuttle van, you can get there in about 20 minutes or less. You can also book a taxi or rent a car.

5. Can I decide where I want to be dropped off with the Curacao Airport transfer?

Yes, you can choose where you want to be picked up or dropped off with the Curacao Airport transfer, whether you’re traveling from the airport to the city or vice versa.

6. Where will the driver be waiting for me at Curacao Airport?

Upon your arrival at Curacao Airport, you’ll find the driver waiting for you in the arrivals hall. They will be holding a sign with your name on it so that you can easily spot them.

7. How will the chauffeur track my flight for the private transfer from Curacao Airport?

The driver will keep track of your flight using details from Curacao Airport. If your flight is delayed or arrives ahead of schedule, they will update the pickup time accordingly.